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This piece is a rare mineral from New Mexico, from a collector who found it in 1990. I set it in 14k gold. It also has some turquoise at the sides, a truly beautiful and rare one of a kind piece.


The energy of Spangolite is similar to brochantite, but livlier and more energetic. It has a strong and immediate Heart connection, opening and clearing the Heart and Upper Heart areas, balancing and calming both mind and emotions, and gently opening and clearing the throat, as well as having a healing affect on the lungs. It appears to stimulate circulation in the extremeties, especially warming the hands.


Meditating with Spangolite can trigger an internal release, allowing physical relaxation and energetic expansion. It can move between and open other dimensions, and also helps deepen our connection with the natural world.


It promotes feelings of inner peace and emotional stability, making it the perfect accessory for those seeking a sense of calm and wellbeing.

14k Gold Spangolite Necklace

€ 490,00Price

Buy 2, get 20% off

  • 45 cm / 18 inch 9k gold chain.

    Handworked 14k (585) solid gold setting.

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